Teen jumps off McDonald’s window during her shift-She saves a customer’s life and becomes a hero

They were right when they said that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear a McDonald’s uniform and still manage to do amazing things.

Sydney Raley is a 15-year-old McDonald’s employee from Edina, Minnesota. This teen became an internet sensation overnight after she saved a customer’s life. What’s even more amazing is that Sydney is autistic. This teen bravely jumped off the window when she saw a woman choking inside her car. The victim’s daughter looked really scared. Sydney used the Heimlich maneuver technique to resuscitate the woman.

She even asked her daughter to dial 911 immediately. Help came soon enough to save the woman. Raley helped the woman extract the chicken nuggets that this woman was choking on. The police were very impressed by her kind act so they gave her $100 bills in total. The teen was very happy.

Her parents couldn’t be more proud of their brave daughter.

Watch the full video below!

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