There was a time when we waited all through an advertisement to hear our favorite songs on the radio. Or purchase an album for one song. But things have changed now. The world is getting smaller and within reach with the invention of the internet and smartphones. 

With more media, comes more programs and TV shows to keep the folks interested and entertained.

Songs for a generation have become a window into the soul of the singer performing it. The emotions and vulnerability that go into some artwork are truly magnificent. Once you create an ART delivery is equally important. 

Mellow voice, growling sounds, smooth flow, we all like it different. Hence, people began singing their favorite piece with their feelings. And soon enough some people enjoyed this art form. Much like the Ukrainian sisters who are loved by their fans and blessed with magnificent vocal talents.

The clip below captures a cover version of Badfinger’s “Without you” by Anastasia Petrik and Victoria Petrik. During Mikhail Voronin’s Memory Dinner, the two sisters execute a breathtaking performance. They managed to pick up Mariah’s note. God bless their lungs. 

Don’t take our word for it. Please press play and enjoy the magnificence. Do share your thoughts on the siblings’ phenomenal performance. 

If you enjoy this amazing duet kindly share it with your loved ones. 

d ones.