Sister Has Hilarious Reaction To Her Brother’s Lip Synching On Their Road Trip Just Made My Day

When we are in the car, we like to sing with our family. I’m crazy about it! So you know I’ll be making a long playlist to go on our next trip because I need my music on every trip. But not everyone may agree with me.

For these siblings, the brother took a long road trip having fun by lip-synching to his favorite music choices. However, the sister was annoyed, since this was a custom in the family, and she did not understand how he could find it enjoyable.

Annoying 7 hour road trip

“My sister isn’t really into my music selection or my singing on the seven-hour drive we took together,” he captioned on YouTube. Though she might not have enjoyed it, I was thrilled to see this edited video of their trip!

Watch her hilarious reaction here:

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