Grandmas Experience Flying for the First Time And It’s Hilariously Heartwarming

You can never be too old to travel. Many elderly travelers are relocating closer to family members because they are no longer able to live alone. Others are simply traveling for the sake of traveling! And these newly made friends, An and Ria, had a similar experience but with a different story.

It was the very first time every An and Ria stepped foot on a plane and are traveling somewhere. In the past, they have not had the opportunity to fly, nor have they wanted to. Vodafone’s program is about to change that for them.

An and ria first flight

71-year-old An was so afraid of flying that she claimed she wouldn’t even fly if you gave her money. Ria, who always flew with her late husband. The 78-year-old was never able to fly because of her husband’s fear of heights. And now, despite their fear, the two wanted to share an experience that would make them closer.

Watch this wholesome video of them enjoying the heights:

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