Blind Pianist/Singer Captivates Room Singing “Arms of an Angel”

Talent does not depend upon one’s physical condition. If a person is talented, they are talented and it will ultimately come through for the world to see. Which is exactly the case with Simone Soman–she didn’t let being blind keep her from learning the piano and she’s ready to show the world her talent.

Simone was born blind in both eyes but she hasn’t let that stop her. She’s a mom with two kids, a fiancé that she loves and enough talent to make it onto Canada’s Got Talent. She starts her audition by saying she wants a standing ovation and the judges wish her luck.

Simone really has the voice of an angel. A person who would underestimate her skills as a singer will regret sure when they actually hear her sing. Simone has a voice that is truly one of a kind–and she certainly gets and deserves her wish for a standing ovation.

She will make you fall in love in an instance. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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