Dog is Crazy for Granny’s Singing but You’ll Lose it When You See Him Dance

We’ve posted a few animal song-and-dance videos but this one is so cute it’s well worth watching.

In the video, a cute Granny sits in a wheelchair and starts joyously clapping and singing a Spanish song. Can you believe her loyal audience? It’s an adorable Bulldog!

He sits with his cute bum on the floor, and using his back legs, controls his position. Then all of a sudden, he starts moving his head up and down and starts grooving to grandma’s beautiful song. You won’t believe his intricate moves that perfectly matches with the wordings. This cutie was on fire with his overwhelmingly delightful steps!

It’s quite amazing to see that this pooch has a personality entirely of his own. He loved the attention he was getting, and he just couldn’t stop dancing! It looks like his inner diva got discovered, and more people need to check out his rare exceptional talent.

If you have a pet and you are bored, try singing to them. You never know the kind of extraordinary skills your dogs may have. This bulldog has genuinely found a new purpose for dog life. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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