Terrified Stray Goes From Sickly To Prison To “Perfect” Thanks To Rescuers

When Cathy Gray first found Penelope, she was in a rough condition. The canine had severe mange and infections in her skin. Not to mention she was starving and exhausted from being out in the streets. That’s when Cathy called the Michigan Humane Society for help. They caught the six-month-old pup so they could nurse her back to health.

A month later, Cathy comes back for an energetic Penny. But this time, she has a plan for the adorable Pitbull-mix. After saying goodbye to the members of the humane society, the pup is then transferred to a three-month-long prison program! Penny passes with flying colors. But what comes after the ais an even bigger surprise.

The trained pup goes with Cathy to meet a family. But they aren’t just any family; they are the Falzone’s. And they are Penny’s new family! The couple and kids first came upon the pup on Facebook. Moreover, they fell in love with Penny immediately! Furthermore, they didn’t just adopt Penny, but her best friend Barkley as well. The two best friends love their forever home, where they have finally found love!

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