Bored Parrot Decided to Sing in the Rain, but Didn’t Know Was Silently Being Recorded

There are some peculiar things that we are all guilty of doing. We might not let out our goofy side in public, but in private, we do all sorts of things. Singing and even dancing in the shower is definitely one of them. But if you have ever been caught belting out that song out of tune, you know how embarrassing it can be. That’s what makes this hilarious video of a bird singing in the rain so relatable to all of us!

Sia has turned into one of the biggest pop stars of the decade. Her amazing songwriting skills, as well as voice, have been a hit. A beautiful green parrot was caught having a sing-along to one of her songs while outside in the rain. The parrot thinks she’s alone and has no idea that she was being secretly filmed by her owner from just a few feet away. If you love birds in general, this video is definitely going to be a treat for you!

This adorable bird was caught singing the popular Sia song, “Chandelier.” The song is really catchy, and you might have gotten it stuck in your head too. But you have to admit one thing though, that this funny little parrot probably sings the song more properly than the rest of us. She is totally in the mood for the song and looks like she’s without a care in the world!

What an adorable little one! It must be a joy having such a songstress in the house!

Check out this amazing video below:

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