Mom Takes the Dance Floor With the Groom, Now Their Epic Dance is Lighting Up the Internet

Weddings are a wonderful occasion in a person’s life. They are reaching a milestone with the person they love. It’s also a time when moms are symbolically sending their sons off onto a new life path, as somebody’s husband. it is traditional for them to have a dance together. Most of the time, the music for a mother-son dance is slow and the dance matches in nature – but the ones in this video are incredible. They step on the dance floor looking great, but they had a surprise up their sleeve.

Don’t let this mother-son duo fool you. Things are about to go through the roof. The dance begins like any typical slow dance, and they dance to a classic hit by Stevie Nicks. They sway back and forth, and the son even swings his mom out and under quite elegantly a few times. But instead of sticking to the classic moves, they decided to mix things up. All of a sudden, their slow song choice comes to a halt and converts into a show-stopping boogie.

Their mix of songs and choreography span so many genres. Everyone gathered around them are staring in wonder at what these two can do on the dance floor. The wedding guests broke into wild cheers when this traditional wedding dance switched gears into a medley that took everyone by shock. Not only do they both have impressive moves, but this mom completes every dance step in the routine flawlessly with her high heels on! She’s also in a floor-sweeping dress!

Check out this amazing performance below:

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