Hospice Patients Were Having Lunch When “Macarena” Started Playing. What Followed Is Pure Gold!

Elderly hospices and care homes can be pretty uneventful. Unfortunately, older people aren’t able to participate in many activities that can be fun. They can’t do vigorous physical activities like dancing. However, there is one kind of dance that everyone knows and can do!

It has been more than 25 years since the “Macarena” song was released. Moreover, the dance became a sensation in the late 90s. People all over the world did the simple steps in the exciting beat of the song. It’s so easy that even people who have difficulties exercise strenuously can do it! One day when all the patients and staff of Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services were having lunch in the cafeteria, something interesting happened.

hospice flash mob

Suddenly “Macarena” started playing from the speakers. An old lady and staff came to the middle and started dancing. Slowly but surely, everyone stood up and did the Macarena dance! Seeing all the elderly patients dancing is so delightful. Even people in walkers danced in the coolest flashmob ever! Watch the video below:

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