Dog Starts Barking at a Poor Parrot, but Watch The Parrot’s Response

Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures in the entire planet and Labrador retrievers are one of the friendliest dogs. These adorable pooches can not only be friends with humans, but they can also get along really well with other animals; even cats and birds!

There are lots of videos on the internet that show them befriending each other, but sometimes they do tend to have some fights. Well here’s a video that shows a dog being not so friendly but it turns out okay. Labs are retrievers, which means they have instincts to go after birds, but this video is special because this Lab gets outsmarted by a bird!

This clip below features an adorable Labrador and a cute little parrot. And they seem to be arguing about something. The dog wants to win the fight by barking with all his might, but as we all know, parrots are pretty good imitators!

The parrot returns his bark and the look on the Lab’s face is just priceless! Wait till you see what happens next! Watch the short video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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