Shy Toddler Runs Towards Police Officer to Give Him a Heartwarming Surprise

A child with a shy personality hardly likes to mingle with strangers, let alone hug them. Hence, when T.J, a three-year-old, wanted to talk with a cop. His mom was astounded.

According to the mother, the toddler loves motorbike. So, when he saw the cop’s bike outside of McDonald’s. The kid wanted to go for a spin. However, that was a risky request, so the officer denied it.

But he didn’t want to disappoint the boy. Therefore the cop ran out in the pouring rain to get a badge sticker. He gifted it to the little guy. And this sweet gesture was enough for T.J to run along and hug the officer. Aw! Thanks to the mother for recording it. Wasn’t this just pure joyful experience? Please share your thoughts.

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