German Shepherd is Playful Nanny for 10 Doberman Puppies – Adorable

I won’t say this is a “cuteness overload” post but it certainly has a lot of the earmarks of one. This German shepherd is the perfect nanny for these little pups and it makes me smile from ear to ear just watching them play.

A German shepherd is a natural choice for a nanny, at least if the work involves taking care of a bunch of little critters out in the yard. They are known to be courageous, confident and smart–plus they have natural herding instincts that are perfect for taking care of a litter of puppies.

The little Doberman puppies are no slouches either: according to the American Kennel Club they are alert, loyal and fearless. They sound like a match for the shepherd nanny!

But here the Dobermans are just like a wild pack of little kids: running, playing and, when they get the chance, mobbing Nanny and having fun. You won’t want to miss this heartwarming and funny video.

Watch the full video below and leave us a Facebook comment on what you think of this German shepherd babysitter!

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