Police Respond to Boy Selling ‘Ice Cold Beer’ – You’ll Love What Happens

Here’s a video about the power of advertising and how in the right hands, it can be genius–as long as you don’t get arrested, that is!

Seth is a Brigham City, Utah, entrepreneur. It’s brutally hot there in the summer and Seth sells “ice cold beer” straight out of the ice chest. Ice cold IBC Root Beer, that is. Business was going so well, he said, “we had to buy another cooler.”

Seth got the great idea of advertising with outdoor signage, the kind he carried around himself. What led to all the “free publicity” as he calls it, was that the police were called by concerned citizens who thought the youngster was actually selling beer–underage and without a license.

It turns out having the cops show up was a good thing, because it brought the reporters, which brought more customers…. A Facebook user said: “That’s a kid that is destined to be a great marketing expert! He knew how to get the attention of people. Seems it worked and he got police protection as well. Bet he got lots of business as well.”

Watch the full video below and tell us in the Facebook comments what you thought of Seth’s brilliant marketing idea!

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