Hilarious Mix Shows How Dogs are Your Real Best Friends

We’ve all heard the saying–a dog is a person’s best friend–but here’s a hilarious tape showing just how much dogs love us, and how funny that love can be.

We don’t often post mix tapes but this one caught our attention (and everyone else on the internet with over 160,000 views in three weeks). In scene after scene, we see dogs doing something hilarious to demonstrate their devotion to their owner.

Whether it’s vying for their attention, singing, talking back or even trying to move other humans out of the way, these dogs clearly love and need their owners’ attention.

Some of the highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • The singing dog at the piano (about 1:00)
  • The jumping dog on a leash (about 2:23)
  • The loving chihuahua (about 4:37)

Animal lovers, you really have to see it. Watch the full video below!

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