Shelter Dog Frozen in Fear Won’t Turn From Wall, Then Suddenly Vet Realizes the Truth!

Many dogs that end up in a  pet rescue organization once had a home, a somewhat caring owner, and their freedom. Believe it, or not some owners don’t even give their lovely companion the decency of a proper goodbye. Security footage shared on Youtube display this absolute horror of pets being chained outside of the rescue center.

Meet, June, a day prior to her ending up in The Haley Graves Foundation. She must have woke up in her bed or the couch; it never really did matter. Then right after, June’s bowl was filled with her yummy dog food. Her owner gave a fake signal that she might be going to the park or someplace fun.

Excited, she hopped on the car, looking out of the window, happy and blessed with her life. Only to end up at the shelter home. Shut from the outer world. June was so overwhelmed with the sudden change, the poor canine positioned herself in the corner, dejected. Tammy Graves noticed June Cash and took her to the vet. She had a chronic heartworm infection and many signs of abuse. The professional nursed June back to health in a loving environment.  Slowly June began coming out of her shell. She could trust the people around her again. Now the healthy black lab is put up for adoption.

Please press play and enjoy this video.

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