Sheep Lost in Woods for 5 Yrs Finally Gets Wool Sheared – All 80 Lbs!

Well here’s something you don’t see every day: a sheep that has gone so long without being sheared that it is carrying around 80 lbs. (~36Kg) of wool!

This sheep, who the owners named Baarack, somehow got lost in the forest for at least five years. “He couldn’t really see because the wool had grown over his eyes,” said Pam, one of the owners at Edgars Mission, which rescues animals in Australia. “It must have been so incredibly painful” to carry around all that weight.

Baarack almost didn’t get rescued at all. At first, the man who saw him didn’t believe it was any sort of domestic animal because it was so large and strange looking. “A local chap saw this mammoth moving amongst the trees and had to look twice,” said Pam.  “I can’t imagine how he survived, but he did.”

“We knew that [shearing him] was a huge risk to his health and safety,” she said, “But leaving it on was a greater risk.”

It took over an hour to remove all Baarack’s fleece. The had to at times resort to hand scissors because the fleece was so matted and had sticks and other foreign matter embedded all over in it. “I really believe he knew we were helping,” Pam said. “He stood there and let us do it, which was just amazing because he was obviously scared.”

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