High School Seniors Have the Most Amazing Dance-Off With Their Moms

Moms are the best friend and a motivator that a person could possibly ever have, and there’s usually no one happier than your mom when you succeed in life. Well this video has a group of kids and their moms out to show you how proud they are of each other.

A bunch of high school senior football players from Conway High School performed a phenomenal dance. What makes their performance the most special is the fact that they asked their moms to join in. It’s apparently a tradition at this school for the moms to join their sons on Senior Day, which is typically the last home game of the football season.

Their homecoming performance says it all. The moms join in dancing to Queen’s classic rock hit “We Will Rock You,” followed by several different kinds of music from today. The moms steal the show with their surprisingly cool steps and attitudes.

Then the boys get out there to show their dance moves too on the Git Up Challenge. This is one of the most fun videos you’ll see this week. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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