Man Spots ‘Lifeless’ Turtle Under Bridge, Looks Closer and Realizes It’s in Trouble…

You can never tell what you might come across on any given day. A man named Steve Booker was talking a walk on the beach. It was early morning, and he must have picked the time to enjoy the serenity and peace of the morning hours. But he never expected to come across a huge sea turtle on his morning path! This video shows what he documented, and it’s incredible.

He had spotted a huge sea turtle on its back. She was struggling to get back up. We all know how hard it is for turtles and tortoises to get back up once they’ve fallen on their backs. Thankfully, this one was spotted by a kind man. He immediately set the turtle up straight. He then noticed that she was also bleeding a little. Her shell had cracked a bit as well.


Despite all she had been through, this turtle was still strong enough to pull herself up and back into the ocean. She instantly knew where the water was and made her way towards it. It took her a little time—she rested a few times on the way. The man kept watching over her the whole time. Finally, after a bit of struggle, the beautiful turtle made her way into her home again.

Booker thinks she’ll be able to survive, despite her injuries. Mother Nature is resilient indeed, and this turtle is proof of it! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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