Little Parakeet Has Something Important to Say – Don’t Miss His Heart-melting Banter

Humans are social animals. We like to make new friends and we love being in good company. That is why most of us keep pets. We don’t like to be alone, do we? Some of us prefer the company of dogs, some of us prefer cats, while some of us adopt birds. The video below features an adorable pet bird that is no doubt going to bring a huge smile on your face! The footage of this precious parakeet talking has already been viewed more than two million times on YouTube since it was posted.

This sweet bird is named Scuttle. According to his owner, this video was taken some time ago. And since then, Scuttle has already added many more phrases to his vocabulary. The owner also says that having your parakeet’s trust is very vital in teaching them new words. Once the birds willingly step onto your finger, you need to hold them up close to your face and repeat the same words over and over. Apparently, this technique worked pretty fast with Scuttle, and within weeks, he was saying different words by himself.

In the video, you can hear him say things like, “baby bird” and “pretty birdy” with whistles in between. He asks questions like, “what’cha doing?”, and “what’s up?” This is going to make you smile for sure, like it did to so many people on the internet! Watch this adorable clip below! Isn’t Scuttle precious? Share what you think in the comments section!

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