Repairmen Showed Up to Fix This Antenna, but They Had No Idea What Was Inside It

While growing up, we have all come across many fables and stories. There are some stories and morals that stay with us even after a long time. For instance, we might all have heard the story about the hardworking ant gathering food for the winter while the frivolous grasshopper has fun all summer instead of stocking up on food. The ant teaches us all to plan for the future and work hard towards it.

It’s not just ants though. We see many hardworking animals in nature as well. For instance, woodpeckers store their food in tree bark, while squirrels also store their food in safe places for the winter. But this story shows a very extreme case of hoarding on the part of the squirrels. Repairmen were called to fix an antenna that had stopped working for a mysterious reason.

The antenna was not giving nay service, and it looked like it was bulging outwards. When the repairmen opened it up, they were stunned to discover that the antenna was being used as a storage unit by squirrels! A huge amount of acorns came raining down from the antenna as soon as it was opened up. When they weighed it all up, they found out that more than 300 pounds of acorns had been inside it the whole time!

We can only imagine how hard the little critters must have worked to gather so much!

Check out this amazing video below:

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