Cockatoo Says Goodbye to His Lifeless Partner and Gives Her One Last Kiss

There are some relationships that are far more important than anything else in life. It could be your loved ones, such as parents, siblings, or best friends. And if they aren’t with us, it’s as if a piece of you is missing. And there is nothing you can do to fill the void.

One of these moments was captured in this viral video. For years, these Australian Galahs, also known as pink and grey cockatoos, were partners. Australian galahs are a species of cockatoo native to Australia and are known for their bright pink and grey feathers, and playful personalities.

Australian Galah couple

But sadly, there was no playfulness here: when one of of this pair died, the other one began to mourn the loss of its mate. Australian Galahs are highly socialized birds that thrive in small groups. Surprisingly, if they mate once in their 40-year lifespan, it is for life.

This explains the cockatoo’s heartbreaking expression of grief at the loss of his loved one. Watch the video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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