Dog And Piglet ‘Best Buds’ Sneak Out For Adventure Until They Get Busted By Cops

There is no other feeling that compares to hanging out with your best friend. Not only do you feel great, but you feel like you can do anything! Moreover, they seem to bring out the kid inside of you. So, you might even have the confidence to cause a little mischief now and then. And this odd pair of pals are up to no good!

Residents in Fontana, California, were in for a surprise when they saw a Piglet and a Pitbull running around their neighborhood. Moreover, they were delighting a slew of school kids passing by with their unlikely friendship. Luckily, the police department snagged them while they were taking a break from their adventure in someone’s front lawn. And although Apollo the canine surrendered peacefully, Grizzly, the pig wasn’t going down without a fight!

pig and pitbull

Luckily, Apollo had a microchip, and the cops were able to find the owner, Michelle Avina. She was sick with worry about the two runaways after someone left the side gates open. The two inseparable pair who eat, sleep, and play together had quite a blast in their journey a few blocks away! Furthermore, the best buds are now happy and safe with their owner and a memory that is sure to last!

piglet and pitbull pals

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