Man takes his dog for a walk on the woods and an unusual friend approaches them. Watch the dog’s reaction

Animals are sometimes too hard to predict. There are times when two different species of animals get down to killing each other. And then there are times where we see unusual friendship and bonding between two different animals. And this video here proves that two different animals can indeed be friends.

Usually, deers are considered shy and timid. And they would get scared and run away easily, especially if they see any other creature around. But this was a different case. When Greg took his dog Yukon out for a walk in the woods, they stopped by a riverbed so Yukon could have a splash. But little did they know that they’ll come across this adorable baby deer.

dog & deer unusual friendship

Greg thought that the deer would run away in no time, but to their surprise, the deer approached them with no hesitation. He was cautious not to scare the deer away. But Yukon, however, was a bit curious. Both the animals started sniffing each other.

The deer was so happy to get a new friend that it couldn’t stop jumping around. She splashed the water to Yukon, and both of them play around like best friends.

WATCH how a brand new friendship developed between a dog and a deer below.

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