Karen Tries to Mess With a Royal Guard but the Guard Was Not Having It

Karens, ugh, they’re widespread. We can’t help but cringe at what they do.

Even protesting against them won’t make things any better. They will remain the way they are no matter what. Here we have a video compilation of a bunch of Karens who made sure to mess with the guards. People like these don’t let others do their job in peace. These people are always looking for trouble and getting themselves in one.

It makes me terribly angry to see Karens do things that are not only against the law but also something that not everyone can tolerate. Messing with the royal guards is definitely not a choice for fun for just anyone. No matter who you are. You can’t be a tourist living your best life and messing with people who are doing nothing wrong.

This video compilation is sure to make you angry. Watch the full video below!

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