Royal Chef Shares an Exclusive Recipe of Queen’s Favorite Tea Time Cake – and It’s So Easy to Make

Don’t you ever sit back and wish what the royal eats? If yes, then we might be able to give a close taste, though you will have to do the work. Even if you just don’t care, we still have the easy and delicious cake recipe that you can try.


  • Tea biscuits: 225g. If you want to go royal, use rich tea biscuits.
  • Two eggs.
  • One cup softened butter.
  • One cup white granulated sugar
  • Dark chocolate 140g, or you can use white chocolate.

Queen Elizabeth cake

First thing first, roughly break the biscuits in a bowl. It doesn’t have to be a fine paste; leave few chunks. Then beat two eggs, add butter and sugar, and mix thoroughly. Simmer some water over medium heat and place a bowl over the pot. Now add Dark chocolate; once it is melted, add the egg, sugar, and butter mixture. After it’s combined, add the biscuits and remix them. Pour the final blend into the cake pan, then keep it in the fridge to cool for 3 hours.

Once the cake is nearly ready, prepare a dark chocolate gnache. You can melt it in the same way as before. Put the cake on a tray to avoid making a mess. Pour the glossy ganache over the cake, let it cool off for a while. Then serve it the royal style with a cup of tea.

Please press play and enjoy this simple recipe, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.