Unknown to the Hidden Camera, Bird Builds a Cozy Nest in Less Than 8 Minutes on an Empty Bird House

Even to this day, we are still learning about the creatures who exist on our planet. To avoid extinction or endangerment, organizations come up with all sorts of programs to keep a close watch on these animals. Whether it’s a magnificent mountain lion or tiny Blue tits, we pull all resources to learn about them.

Much like the video featuring below. Technology has been a great help in exploring nature, whether by running after a polar bear or using a wired camera bird box. Wildlife enthusiasts never cease to amaze. Around May and June, Blue Tits get very busy, given it’s their breeding season. Hence the British Trust for Ornithology focuses on the bird’s habit to pour out information on their Blue Tit Diary.
Empty Nest Egg

Usually, these birds live a sedentary lifestyle, a part of their breeding season. Starting in February, birds look for a nesting place. That’s where the trust fund steps in by creating many hollow nests for Blue Tits. Typically, they take 1-2 weeks to finish the nest, making it warm and comfy for the breeding season. But this female in the clip took about 7-8 weeks to prepare the nest. By May, the female is ready to breed and began laying eggs. The egg clutches consist of 8-12 eggs or up to 16 eggs. To create a good blood supply, they pluck feathers from the abdomen and place them around the eggs, also known as ‘brood patch.’ This process keeps the eggs warm as the female incubates them.

Mothers really deserve the praise; please enjoy the nesting process.

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