Contractor Tricks Elderly Woman to Pay Nothing for Roof Repairs. And the Reason Why is Heartwarming!

It is important to get compensation for your hard work and time. However, there are certain situations in which compassion should be your motivating factor. And Jeremy Locke knows this very well! Moreover, when a neighbor was refusing help because she could not be able to pay him back, Locke had a trick up his sleeve!

Jeanette Macdonald from Cape Breton Island, Canada, is an independent woman. Even in her 70s, she relies on herself to solve all her problems. Unfortunately, a contracting company was fixing her roof when they stopped halfway. This left her and her four grandsons with a house where a part of the roof was missing. That’s when a kind neighbor steps in!

contractor fixes roof

Jeremy went to Jeanette and volunteered to fix her roof. However, the older woman refused the free help. But Jeremy knew that his neighbor needed her roof fixed. So, he went to her house and told Jeanette that he was holding a lottery. If she were lucky, her raffle for free work would get selected! Luckily, she was the only one in the raffle. And although the damage repair cost him $9000, I’m sure he is happy to help! Watch the video of the kind soul below:

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