Fearless Toddler Steals German Shepard’s Treat, Now Take a Look at His Shocking Reaction

All of us enjoy treats. Our animal friends are not exempt from this rule, especially dogs. If you own a dog or have owned one at some point in your life, you know how much they love food and treats. I am sure you have been forced to share with them frequently. But who can really resist such cute faces, right? Dogs are big eaters; they probably love treats more than any other animal on the planet. So, when you steal their treat away from them, they can quickly get defensive.

Dogs don’t like sharing food. It is a known fact that taking food away from a dog is not a bright idea. Even the most well-behaved pooch can snap at you without intending to. Dogs are protective creatures, and this side becomes more apparent every time food is involved. That is why I was worried when I saw this tiny kid in the following clip steal her big dog’s treat. But the German Shepherd’s next move completely dropped my jaw!

Instead of getting angry, the dog let the toddler do anything she wanted. Brano is really gentle around Ava and he doesn’t care if she just took his treat away! German Shepherds are big and can be scary when provoked, however, they are complete sweethearts to the ones they love. Even when Ava stole his treat from right under his nose, Brano did nothing to stop her. Dad told him to take the treat back, but the gentle pup couldn’t even do that!

Watch this heartwarming clip below! Did Brano and Ava make you smile? Share your thoughts about this clip in the comments!

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