Horse Was Chained For Months, Until A Kind Vet Steps Up To Rescue Her

Humans have cohabited the planet with animals for ages now. Sadly, some of us still make them suffer with cruel practices. They cannot speak our language, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as sensitive as we are. Despite the idiotic belief that animals don’t have any emotions, they do feel happiness, sadness, and even pain as much as their human counterparts. Which is why we must treat them with respect.

Sadly, many cultures still don’t understand that. In some parts of Asia, dogs are raised and tortured before killing them for meat. Wild animals like lions and tigers are captured and forced to work in circuses all over the world. Bears are killed for their bile, rhinos are slaughtered for their horns, and elephants are killed for their tusks. In some parts of Romania, it is still a common practice to tie horses to prevent them from running away. The video below features the rescue of one of these horses.

The poor creatures are not bound painlessly. Both of their front and back legs are shackled in chains. The chains are tight to the point that they even end up cutting the horses’ flesh, causing serious injuries. Just take a look at this video for instance. The horse in the video couldn’t move because of the chains, but thankfully, the rescuers cut them immediately. You will be stunned to see how calm the mare and her foal were when they did this! The mare was tranquilized, but the baby horse knew she was being helped and his reaction is just amazing to watch.

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[ytvid id=”7Z58AkqZHcw”]

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