Auctioneer makes a $50 million mistake on the very first Porsche ever made

Rich people go to auctions to collect rare and vintage items for their collection. But this one time, people go over the board for a Porsche. And yet nobody bought it, due to a massive misunderstanding.

The Porsche Type 64 in the auction was one of the first Porsches ever built. It was built in the 1930s during the era of Nazi Germany. The bid started off at 13 million dollars. However, it started rising up at an unprecedented rate, partly in the fault of auctioneer’s strong Dutch accent. It was only expected to collect about $20 million, but the bids kept going up — $50 million, $60 million, $70 million!

When he turns around to face the screen, he is shocked himself. He immediately realizes the error and turns back to assure the bidders. “It says 70 guys, it’s 17.” The overly excited crowd goes into deep shock with such a drop in price.

“It’s a bit exciting to write seven-zero, it might be my pronunciation. It’s seventeen million dollars. The bid is at seventeen.”

WATCH this video and see how thick his accent really is.

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