Mom Knew Her Dog Was Never Going to Be Service Dog, So She Taught Her to Do This!

Meet Ricochet – an amazing dog who will no doubt win your heart. Ricochet was raised by her owner to be a service dog right from the start. But what Ricochet actually ended up becoming was unexpected and even more inspirational. Ricochet just wasn’t cut out to be service dog and her mom Judy was really disappointed when she couldn’t become one. But wait till you see what she did for her dog instead!

Unlike her fellow canine buddies in Puppy Prodigies Neo-natal & Early Learning program, Ricochet was high-spirited, adventurous, and rambunctious. Service dogs are required to be more disciplined and focused than what she was letting on to be. But thankfully, Judy didn’t try to force her or changer her. She actually helped little Ricochet in her journey to become a “SURFice” dog. I was floored when I saw what this brilliant dog does now!

Meet dog surfing extraordinaire, Surf Dog Ricochet 0-50 screenshot

Watch this amazing video below. She is an inspirational animal isn’t she? Let us know what you thought about this incredible story via your comments!

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