You Won’t Believe How This Elephant Foils a Rhino Attack with a Simple Trick

Elephants and rhinos have a long history of not getting along, mainly due to their different sizes and diets. Elephants are much larger than rhinos, and they need to eat much more food than rhinos do. As they search for food, they often compete for the same resources, which can lead to conflict between the two species.

Additionally, elephants have a tendency to trample rhino habitats, further intensifying the tension between the two animals. In some cases, elephants can even attack and kill rhinos, creating a dangerous situation for both speciesBut it’s also not unusual that, if a rhino feels provoked, it might just decide to attack an elephant, although elephants tend to try to avoid such attacks.

This video will prove why. The elephant in this video tries to trick the rhino to back off while the rhino seems a little more furious and anxious than the elephant. We have to say, the elephant is brilliant.

This video will amuse and amaze you. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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