Animals are smarter than we give them credit. There’s lots of internet videos about smart animals and, if we just look at our own pets, we’ll surely see evidence showing just how intelligent they are. Well, the video below features what I think is one of the most clever animals I’ve ever seen.

After a good long run in the fields, many horses are satisfied to stay in their stalls or paddocks. But the horse in this clip is one of those few that love to escape. This horse can escape from just about anything–so much so that he’s been dubbed the “Houdini Horse” on the internet. You are going to crack up when you see how he gets free.

He unlocks himself and he even goes on to unlock the stall door of his friends. This seems hilarious to us, but think how much trouble he might have created for his owners. Horses can often get into trouble which could put their health at risk after they escape. Additional latches and locks with different patterns can be used to prevent escape attempts.

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