Crows are one of the smartest birds on the planet. They might be considered bad luck in most parts of the world. But in some parts of the world, they’re even worshiped. And their intelligence is something that needs praise.

The video is one excellent example of a crow’s intelligence. A crow visits a workplace while everyone is busy with their work. Suddenly, all of their attention goes to the crow jumping outside the window. In the cold winter day, the crow hops around the snowy window in hopes that someone would see him. The people then rush to the window to see what the crow wants.

crow grabs spoon and flies

One woman breaks a piece of bread and shows it to the crow from the inside. She drags the bread piece around while the crow hops outside. But the crow doesn’t give any attention to the bread in her hand. It has its eyes fixed on something else.

The woman then opens the window to see what the crow would do. She breaks the bread furthermore, so it’s easy for the bird to eat. And she places them outside of the window. But the crow doesn’t care about that. He slowly leaps in and grabs a tiny spoon and quickly rushes outside. The people around can’t stop laughing after what happened. But the smart crow takes the spoon and flies off.

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