Crows are one of the smartest birds on the planet. And while they might be considered bad luck in some parts of the world, in others they’re worshiped. Here’s one who shows just how smart it is.

On a cold winter day, a lonely crow hops around the snowy window ledge, apparently in hopes that someone would see him. Everyone stands around watching one woman show him a snack, which appears to be what he wants. He follows it closely as she waves it back and forth across the window.

But surprisingly, when she opens the window and drops some bread for him on the ledge, he’s not really interested–he has his eyes fixed on something else. So she opens the window again to see what the crow would do, and he slowly leaps in and grabs his object of interest! The people around can’t stop laughing after what happened.

WATCH the hilarious video below and tell us if you guessed what the crow wanted!

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