Woman Catches Owners Abandoning Dog and Later Comes to Pup’s Rescue

We hear stories of owners abandoning their pets time and again. The influx in start dogs is pretty self-explanatory. However, we never really see these things happening. Why do these individuals decide to leave their pets in the middle of nowhere? 

When we have so many options at this point, it comes down to who they are as a person, instead of giving them to animal shelters or any friends who are willing to keep them. They throw these innocent animals out of their life without warning. 

In Itabira, Brazil, a woman witnesses these harsh scenario as it slowly unfolds right in front of her eyes. She was on a bicycle, a vehicle just a few meters ahead of her made an abrupt stop. The owners dump the dog on the side of a grassy road. One must be cruel to neglect, the poor animal stretching so hard to get inside the truck. The vehicle soon drives away, leaving the creature all along. 

The dog begins to run in circles, unable to take any action. The woman filmed the video so she could take the dog home later. But once she arrives back at the spot, the animal is nowhere to be found. She posts the video on social media, which catches the attention of many. A man who resides nearby decides to keep an eye on the dog. After two days of a long search, they finally find him. 

There clip below is the narration after they find the lost furry friends and bring him home. He finally has a loving home, who won’t abandon him. The video’s translation goes as, “This here is the dog we saved that is causing a lot of controversies here in Itabira. Touched by the story, we decided to search for him. Now we take care of him. He is a part of our family, has food and everything he needs.

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