Reagan’s Classic Comeback to Balloon Popping 2 Months After He Was Shot

When it comes to politics, we all have the right to share and follow the policies which work for us. Today we will be looking into a small clip that had thousands of people clapping with respect and admiration. Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th president of the US, was known for his excellent speeches.

You may disagree with his policies, but the man could enthrall the audience with his creative storytelling ability. In 1981, the former president was seriously wounded during an attempted assassination by John Hinckley Jr. After a month of medical attention and bed-rest, Ronald resumed his duties.

Within two months after the incident, the man was back on foreign soil giving speeches. That should be enough to prove his loyalty towards the country. But that’s not what we have in store for you. During his rousing deliverance in Berlin, President showed a composed and hilarious reaction to the sound of balloons popping. For a man shot just months ago, we expect some level of flight or fright response. But his resilience proved otherwise.

Please press play and enjoy the fantastic line as soon as the balloon pops.

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