Watching Kids See With Glasses for the First Time Will Melt Your Heart

Here’s a video that shows how something most of us take for granted every day can be a life-changing event for people that are less fortunate than ourselves.

Most of us wake up each morning and look around to get ourselves oriented. But imagine if looking around didn’t really do anything for you. The kids in this video don’t have to imagine, it’s their daily life. None of them see clearly–their vision is severely distorted and they have never known what it was like to look at their pet or even their mom’s face.

But then everything changes and (lucky us) we are there to witness the miracle. Each of these toddlers receives their first pair of glasses and the result is a completely new life for them. They immediately begin to smile because they had never imagined that life would be so beautiful, sharp and clear.

From little babies, Marlowe and Christian, to the boy who can’t stop running, this video will remind you how wonderful it is to see.

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In Far From Home, William Ginter Riva was the technical guy for the super-villain, Mysterio. It was Riva who controlled the drones which created the fake Elementals. In the MCU Riva is the same guy who got yelled at by Obadiah Stane for being unable to replicate the Iron Man mini arc-reactor which according to him, Tony Stark managed to do in a cave.

2. Ben Parker gets a mention via a suitcase

Ben Parker gets a mention via a suitcase
Source: Fr From Home/ Movie

The character of Benjamin Franklin Parker has scarcely been mentioned in recent Spider-Man movies. But he remains a big part of Peter Parker’s (Spider-Man’s) life. Ben is the guardian uncle who brought up Peter but tragically died, which spurred Spidey into becoming a vigilante super-hero

But Ben has gone AWOL in the MCU for as long as anyone can remember. In the comics, Aunt May (Ben’s wife) was a lonely old widow who perpetually grieves her husband death. The MCU has now chosen to go in a different direction with a younger and prettier Aunt May, making Ben’s character even more extinct. Although it seems as if Ben Parker’s character is gradually being eroded, he got a notable mention in Spider-Man: Far From Home.


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