Winter Morning Hack Will Easily Defrost Your Windshield in No Time

Cold winter mornings are no less than a nightmare for car owners. The amount of time, energy, and sometimes even money that it takes to scrape ice off the windshield of your vehicle can truly be a challenge.

However, this weather forecaster has the perfect tip to get rid of this problem. Now, you can use handy stuff out of scratch and defrost your icy windshield. The man suggests using just a spray bottle that contains 2/3 portion of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and 1/3 water (a tablespoon of dish soap is optional).

You don’t only save time and energy but also a lot of money. This trick is perfect for your pocket and busy schedules. The weatherman also suggests never using hot or even warm water to scrape off ice from the windshield.

In fact, this solution will do miracles without any excessive requirements. You should definitely try this trick!

Watch the full video below!

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