Rat hears His Owner Sneeze So He Runs and Gets The Tissue

Rats are excellent pets. They are affectionate and form strong bonds with their owners, but they are also extremely intelligent and enjoy learning new things.

Training your small pet can be both enjoyable and fruitful. A fun activity for both of you will satisfy the rat’s need for a mental challenge, and rats are intelligent creatures that thrive on a challenge. In addition, training your pet will help you communicate better with him.


Just watch this intelligent rat, Pepper. A tissue is always at the ready for Abby Roeser’s pet rat Pepper!

It turns out that Pepper and Abby’s other pet rats are extremely intelligent and can perform numerous useful and entertaining tasks. “I use clicker training and positive reinforcement to train my pet rats. There are a lot of different treats they enjoy working for, but their favorites are cheerios and peas,” Abby says. See how smart Pepper and her pals are when they show off their knowledge in this video!

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