Horse Gives Birth to a Very Rare Filly – Keep an Eye on the Filly’s Unique Face Pattern

There are lots of extraordinary births on the internet. The video below features one of them. A mama horse gave birth to a filly some year back. The owners of the horse were really shocked when they saw the little girl because she had a very incredible pattern on her face.

A horse can be born with many different color patterns. All of them are stunning to look at, but some of them are considered to be rare compared to others. The “medicine hat” pattern is one of them. Native Americans thought horses that were born with this pattern had magical powers that would prevent harm from befalling the rider during battle.

This adorable baby is called Coconut and she was only two days old when this video was taken. This is her first time going outside. Her mom also joins her on her very first day out. You are going to melt when you see how cute she is!

Check out this precious video below!

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