Helpless Dog Sobs When She Sees Rescuer Coming To Save Her From Deep Well

Many people believe that emotions are what separates humans from other animals. However, certain instances prove that this is just not true. Even animals in the wild feel happy or sad, just like people do. Moreover, in this case, a dog that fell into a well cries with relief when rescuers come near it.

Animal Aid Unlimited rushed to the scene when they got a call about a dog in distress. Moreover, poor Ruby had fallen into an abandoned well in a village just outside of Udaipur, India. It was desperate to get out of the dark and damp place. Luckily, rescuers came with a rope and climbing gear to get it out!

rubys rescue

Ruby must have heard the people looking for the bore that is hidden by overgrown plants and grasses. So, the dog gives out a whimper to let the people know that it’s down there. Furthermore, it cries in distress and relief as a person is lowering down. Finally, he reaches Ruby, who wags her tail at her hero! Additionally, Ruby is so happy to get out of the well finally and can’t stop wagging her tail to thank her rescuers! Watch the full rescue mission below:

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