Silly Dog Shows Off His Trick on the Snow, Captured Family Footage Goes Viral

Nobody loves snow as much as Rafi the black Labrador. This adorable pooch is a big fan of the snow and he gets really excited when winter comes along. His family just can’t keep up with his enthusiasm, but they do get a good laugh at all his silly antics. Rafi’s favorite thing to do in the snow is body sliding. The moment his family leaves him free, he runs to the top of a small hill and comes sliding down to the base!

Rafi’s family look on in amusement and laughter at how lively he gets in the snow. This hilarious footage featuring Rafi has gone viral on the internet and has made millions of people smile. Wait till you see this for yourself – you are going to be grinning from ear to ear as well! According to Stephen Zawistowski, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, there are many reasons why dogs love the snow. Their high body temperatures make playing in the snow much more comfortable, and the change in scenery is also very engaging to them.

Dogs are very simply creatures and it doesn’t take much for them to be happy. Just look at Rafi for example. His excitement while playing in the snow is so contagious that it even transfers to his family members! This is why dogs are one of the best companions in the world! You will never be bored when they are around!

Check out this adorable video below and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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