Cat Stuck on Pole for Three Days. Finally, This Man Takes Matters in His Own Hands

Gypsy the cat stays true to his name. He comes and goes as he likes, vanishing from home for weeks at a time. The cat loves his freedom, and relies on the kind people in Phoenix, Arizona to leave food and water out for him. That is why nobody thought anything was wrong when he went missing for a few days. But in reality, he had gotten himself in a little pinch.

One day, the cat had climbed up an electricity pole, and was unable to come down. The pole was very tall, so he must have gotten stuck.He was unable to climb back down alone, so he had to wait for three days to get some help from anyone.Only after three days, the neighbors reported about the missing cat. An affiliate of ABC News came to the scene and stared a livestreaming of the cat.



Thousands of people from all over the country tuned in to watch as Gypsy tried to climb down, hesitated and repeated the same thing over and over again. So many people called 911, and even the Mayor’s office, to notify about the stuck cat. In the end, even the fire department was insisted to help the poor kitty out.

“We love animals,” Phoenix Fire Captain Rob McDade said, “but while [callers] feel that they might be very justified in their emotional response, we have human lives we have to save at the same time.” When help did not arrive immediately, an onlooker tried to take matters into his own hands, climbing a ladder and raising a bucket attached to a pole. He persuaded Gypsy to jump in, but the cat remained steadfast on the pole, choosing to wait for a more personal helping hand.


Luckily, a local Fox News affiliate had also been covering the story, under the title “Cat Watch,” and managed to film Gypsy’s heroic rescue on camera. A utility worker with a really tall ladder scaled the live power pole, and it seemed that finally Gypsy would be safely on the ground once again.

Then the man reached out his arm, barely brushing the cat’s fur. All gasped as the ladder was still a little short. But the anonymous rescuer pressed on, stepping on the last rung of the ladder, and managed to snatch the cat off the pole. He finally came down the ladder with Gypsy tucked under his arm.

Gypsy was very exhausted but finally relieved to be on the ground again! Gypsy’s owners, Jenny Hardin and Ash Morgan, were grateful that he was rescued time. “I know him well enough that he could have jumped, and knowing him he probably would have,” Hardin told AZ Family, “but thank goodness he didn’t ’cause that is kind of high for a cat.”

Let’s hope this kitty finally learned his lesson!

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