Little Sister Tells Everyone to Prepare Their Cameras, Then Give a Performance They’d Never Forget

Weddings are always an exciting affair. The happy couple is starting a whole new chapter of their lives together, and you can’t help but be swept along in their happiness. This is especially true when your sibling gets married. It must be really something to see someone you’ve grown up with start their very own family. The young lady in the following video was definitely excited for her sister’s wedding, and she made sure it was quite memorable as well.

Savannah wanted to give her older sister and lovely bride, Christina, the toast that she’d never forget. She must have worked really hard on it, because as soon as Savannah stepped in front of the crowd, she told everyone that they should be filming her with their cameras. She even gave them a few moments to get ready, and she really did blow everyone away as promised.

Without any music to give any rhythm, Savannah began performing an original rap for the couple. It was set to the beat of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Savannah revealed things from their childhood together, and how her sister was an only child until she was born 16 years later! She also sang about how Christina was a great role model. Savannah was sad when her older sister went away for college, but the story takes a wonderful turn.

The crowd was absolutely delighted by her creativity, and it’s no wonder, as she really did a great job!

Check out this amazing video below:

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