This Video of Raccoon Eating Crunchy Snacks With Family Is Going Viral

It’s not uncommon to see an animal devouring his food. We’ve all seen them with their adorable paws munching on their snacks. But it’s the bandit’s style of eating that made this video stand out.

Freddie, their 6-year-old house-trained raccoon, is always the center of their family’s attention. Richie Gandy and his family got Freddie as a 3-week-old kit from the Red River Exotic Animal Farm.

Raccoon Eats Crunchy Snacks

Gandy states: “Having Freddy as a pet is much like having a young child.We haven’t [even] spent one night away from him since we have had him. If Freddie can’t go, we don’t go.

Freddy is a celebrity on this local town.

He even has his own clothing line. At the waking hours, freddy likes to spend the most of his time to with his family members. “If we get on the boat, he’ll go fishing with us. If we ever go on a road trip, he’ll ride out — however far it is,” Gandy said. “He’s stayed in hotels with us.
Watch the full video here:

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