Ellen Invites a Talking Parrot to Her Show. But Her Hilarious Reaction Will Have You in Tears

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the funniest women in the United States. Her TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the most beloved shows in the world. People of all ages know and admire her and her show equally. People that come to her show are mostly entertainers and famous celebrities. She even invites people and animals from all over the world.

The guests that come to her show are very entertaining and impressive. So, when Quito, the talking parrot, was invited to the show, everyone was looking forward to seeing her do the best tricks. Quito was accompanied by her trainer, who mentions that she is a double yellow-headed amazon parrot.

Ellen and Quito

The trainer lets everyone know all the tricks the parrot does. And since she isn’t sure about the parrot’s identity, she assumes that it’s a girl because of her voice. But the real fun begins when she tells her to speak. Quito does introduce herself in front of everyone. But after that, it’s like talking to a bird that doesn’t understand anything.

While the trainer keeps telling her what to do, Quito stands there, startled. She may be too anxious to perform in front of a crowd. So, whenever the trainer asks her to do something, she stands there confused.WATCH the parrot’s hilarious reaction below.

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