Single Mom Carries Injured 55-pound Dog on Her Shoulders Down Mountain

We hear dogs being part of rescue missions all the time. Their superb hearing range and sense of smell make them excellent rescuers. Not only that, they are very loyal and don’t like backing down. But what happens when dogs themselves are hurt? Although dogs are well equipped to live outdoors, like humans, they can be victims of dangerous situations. Boomer, a 55-pound English Springer Spaniel, fell into one of those circumstances.

A family’s trip to the mountains turned sour when they lost their pet. They searched day and night but couldn’t find him. So they left a note for his safe return. Tia Vargas happened to spot him on the way down of the 11000 ft summit. He seemed to have slipped on ice and fell down a 100 ft and rolled for 200 more. This caused a severe injury to his paw. The brown dog was limping when Vargas found him all alone.

boomer rescue

She couldn’t leave him alone, so she carried the dog on her shoulder. She hiked 6 miles down rough terrain to get him back to safety. What this woman did was genuinely selfless. Although she thought she couldn’t make it at one point, she gathered all her strength and was able to carry him. In the end, the owners decided on giving Boomer to the woman who saved his life. What a brave woman! Watch the Boomers whole story down below:

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