Scared, Cold Puppy Stays Close to Her Best Friend – Watch What Duck Lets Her Do!

Some videos are just too cute to let go and here’s a case in point. It shows a wonderful friendship between a precious little puppy and her best friend, a white duck. This one is pretty much guaranteed to give you your daily dose of cuteness.

It starts out with the gorgeous little puppy timidly approaching the duck. She’s clearly scared because she’s visibly shaking. She wants nothing more than to hug her friend the duck to get a little comfort.

And it appears the duck not only doesn’t mind, but likes the puppy’s attention. Obviously they’ve been friends for a while.

But next comes the real show–the duck bends down so the little puppy can climb on her back and the duck lets her ride! It’s an amazing show of friendship but also of animal skill–how many puppies have you ever seen ride another animal, much less a duck? I’m pretty sure this will amaze you but also melt your heart for the precious little puppy.

Watch the very short clip below and let everyone know what you think by leaving a Facebook comment!

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