Puppy Sitting in Animal Shelter Grins at Everyone Passing by and Asks Them to ‘Love Him’

Dogs are simply the best animals in existence. Period! There is nothing to prove otherwise.

This video will make you love dogs even more. We really don’t deserve dogs at all. This is one of the best videos you will ever find on the internet. The puppy is all about smiles and sharing happiness with others. His enthusiasm and hopeful smile really melted a lot of hearts when he was in the animal shelter.

His grin made many people who came to him feel like they should adopt him. It is not always that you see a dog smile. However, when you do see them smile, it makes your heart flutter in every way possible. This video is here to show you how a smile, especially a dog’s smile, can change your mood from gloomy to happiest.

We are glad Bureaux is safe and happy in his new home. Watch the full video below!

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